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Who Is Debbie Dutra?

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I got started with natural hoofcare many years ago with my own horses. They've never worn shoes and I could ride them anywhere in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Jamie Jackson's teachings were a major breakthrough in my education in trimming and I knew it was time to "give back to the horse" so I began trimming as my profession.

My main focus is to teach others how to trim their own horses. I conduct trimming workshops and I'm in the process of writing my own "How to Trim" book. I hope to open a hoofcare learning center, which will include organized trips to watch and learn from the wild horses here in Nevada.

I realize I have only scratched the surface in all there is to learn about hoofcare, but with each horse I trim, I become even more enlightened... the process never stops, even after so many years. We all need to become more aware of our care for our horses' health, which is what I work to promote and teach.

As with everything we do with our horses, support and information are a big part of how successful we will be. To all my students who are now trimming on their own... Congratulations! Horse owners can and do successfully trim their own horses.

I also teach natural horsemanship... starting colts and teaching people to get handy with their horses. This includes handling of their feet. The combination of natural trimming and horsemanship makes for a great outcome!

Debbie Dutra
10221 Pineland Rd.
Truckee, California 96161


"It's about the horse"
- Debbie Dutra